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General Terms



General Terms1

General Terms

1-  Nawras website is owned by  Rawabit Nawras  for Information Technology.

2- The site has the right to change the terms and conditions at any time.

3- The site is not responsible in the event that the Customs Administration  take any shipment

 5- The site is not responsible for paying any customs fees or customs clearance of any shipment.

6- Nawras website does not sell any goods, it is only a shipping company.

7- In the event of a dispute over the terms and conditions, the court will be judged according to the system in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the trial will take place in the city of Dammam.

8- Shipping time is an estimate and does not include official holidays, , and weekends in America.

9- The shipment may be delayed more than the time specified by the carrier or a problem with customs, and this delay is not under the responsibility of the Nawras company and does not bear its consequences.

10- The customer’s shipment will be stored for a period of 9 days, after which a floor amount of 5 riyals is calculated for each day, starting from the customer’s notification of the arrival of the shipment to our warehouses. After 40 days, the goods will be disposed of or destroyed.

11- The company is not responsible for opening the envelope of shipments and goods by customs.

12- The email will be used in the following cases:

communicate with you.

Post updates.

Publish some advertisment in America.


13- Contact us officially via the contact us page or via WhatsApp 00966541222104

14- The materials prohibited by Nawras  are the same as those prohibited by Saudi Customs.

15- Nawras is specialized in shipping only and is not a selling company, so any problem with the product is outside the shipping related problems, it is borne by the customer.

16- In the event of cancellation, the full amount will be returned within two to three weeks.







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