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Fullfilment Terms and Conditions



Fullfilment Terms and Conditions1

Fullfilment Terms and Conditions


1- The warehouses are monitored by cameras throughout the year. In the event of any problem, the company can review the store within two weeks of its notification. The customer is responsible for informing us within two weeks of the problem.

2- In case the contract is not renewed, the customer is informed to vacate the warehouse within a period of 7 days, after which double the storage price is calculated for a month, after which Nawras has the right to destroy or dispose of the goods as it deems appropriate.

3- The terms and conditions related to delivery are found in paragraph E

4- Orders received from the customer's website or from the interface of the Fastco website are executed directly, and in the event of any defect, the customer will bear the full amounts incurred.

5- In the case of registration, the product data is entered in a specified period of time, and then the link is activated.

6- Financial payments are received from the customer every two weeks, and in the event of default, he is notified twice, after which the service is stopped.

7- The terms and conditions related to international shipping are found in paragraph C


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