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procurement terms



procurement terms1

procurement terms


1- Nawras has the right to delete any purchase order, whether it is on the ban lists at Saudi Customs or not, provided that it compensates the buyer for the full amount.

2- Shipping fees include delivering the item to the company’s office in Dammam and shipping it under the responsibility of the internal shipping company.

3- The service fees that the customer must pay are as follows:

item cost.

Shipping cost within America, if any.

Express shipping cost to the UK.

The tax is a flat rate of 6.62%.

4- Shipping requests from American websites are made only through the Nawras website.

5- In the event of any deduction or tax exemption on any commodity, it is an acquired right for Nawras, and this is based on commercial and legitimate relationships.

6- In the event that the commodity differs from the main request, the customer has the right to return the full amount and will be informed of the acceptance of the return request within two working days.

7- In the event of any defect in the product, the customer has the right to request Nawras to communicate with the seller.

8- The customer is not entitled to return the item without reason.

9- Any person can receive the shipment provided that he has the name of the owner of the shipment and the shipment number.


10- The cost of shipping one item from America to Saudi Arabia is an estimated amount.

11- The customer’s payment is considered an approval of the shipping quotations and the price of the goods, and in the event that he declines before shipping the product, a cancellation fee of 30 riyals will be deducted.

12- The fact that Nawras requires from multiple states that the Florida tax of 6.0% has been adopted to be a fixed, unchanging rate, and it is entitled to receive it as a commission in the event:

Request from tax-exempt states.

Obtain a tax exemption from any state or from the seller.

13- The customer must pay the full amount before we offer the shipping service.

14- With regard to the daily offers of the Amazon website, if the purchase is outside the official working hours of Nawras, the website does not guarantee the completion of the purchase at the same displayed price, and if it is during working hours, it must be 4 hours before the end of the offer time.

15- If there is a difference in the price of the product covered by the offer compared to its price in the purchase invoice, the customer must contact us within 24 hours via the Contact Us page, or the purchase price shown in the Nawras website invoice will be adopted as the final price.


16- Nawras opens the boxes of some parcels before delivery in order to reduce their volumetric weight and thus reduce the cost of shipping. Do not keep the original parcel box.

 17- The price of some commodities changes rapidly within a few hours or days, so Nawras does not guarantee the purchase of the commodity at the price available upon completion of the order, and the customer will be informed of any developments before the order is approved.

18- In the event of returning the product, Nawras is entitled to take 2.5% in addition to 50 riyals.

19- Some goods in American locations take more than two days to be shipped in America, so these goods may be delayed in arriving at our headquarters up to 21 days after completing the order.

20- Shipments that are ordered through some sellers or websites, may take weeks to reach our warehouses in America and a few days to be shipped internationally, so the shipping period is two to four weeks that does not include these goods.

21- If your order exceeds 1.21 meters or 68 kilos, it is considered overweight or oversize, and a fee of 281 riyals will be added to it to be paid to the carrier.

22- Insurance fees are 2% of the value of the item or 20 riyals, whichever is more.

23- Nawras has the right to purchase the same requested product from any other source, especially in the event that the product is not available at the site to be ordered from, or the seller from whom it is intended to be purchased.

24- The period for the parcels to arrive from one week to 4 weeks.

25- The period of arrival of commercial orders is determined in the order invoice in an estimated manner.

26- In the event of the loss of any product, compensation shall be made not exceeding 300 Saudi riyals for the request in the case of non-insured, in the case of insurance, compensation shall be made not exceeding 2000 riyals for the request.

27- In the event of a problem with the order, the buyer has the right to claim within 7 days from the time the product arrives.

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